Ramen NFT

A unique experience into the NFT world. Come dive into some delicous bowls of ramen.


Project Concluded.

What is a Ramen NFT?

Ramen NFT is a project which puts you at the very center. A first of its kind, you don't simply receive a premade bowl, but rather create your own ramen out of a unique box of tradable ingredients!

Boxes mint at .15 ETH. Each contains a wholly unique combination of six ingredients.

A unique experience in the NFT world. Come dive into some delicious bowls of ramen.

Assembling your ingredients! With your selection of ingredients you obtained from ingredient boxes, you can choose exactly how you want to make your Ramen!

Our highly trained chefs are ready and waiting to make a fully customised bowl of Ramen for you, using the selection of ingredients you give them. Each bowl of Ramen is made according to YOUR specifications, creating an NFT that is entirely tailored to you.

Want a bigger selection of ingredients to choose from? Fancy a bowl of Ramen made entirely out of Rare ingredients? Open a few more ingredient boxes to mix and match your ingredients!

Trapezium of different sections of ramen

About Us

We love Ramen, and we love NFTs! And yet, no one has done it quite like this yet!

One of the reasons we chose ramen is due to it inherently being a meal and experience you bond over and share with friends. As such, the community is incredibly important to us. Please, join us on this journey! We want your ideas, suggestions, opinions, and feedback - on our discord, on Twitter, heck, even email us!

Every member of our community will help steer the direction of all future development. We also strive to be fully transparent, embracing the values of what a decentralized economy ought to really be.

Who we are - We are a team of programmers and artists with over 15 years of combined experience. We first became interested in the fast-moving world of crypto back when Eth2 was announced. This naturally flowed into the NFT community, where we've felt at home ever since. We're super excited to be working on this project, as in many respects it feels like the cumulation of all we've learnt so far throughout this journey.I hope we keep working together onwards as this world develops, and I wish you'll join us!

What inspired us - We were inspired by ramen and its near universal appeal. Food is underappreciated within this community, we felt, and thus a huge opportunity to get in early. The social aspect of sharing a meal and experience with new friends is exactly what we hope to foster among everyone who becomes apart of our new circle.

The Team



Step 1:Combining
Step 1: A python script we wrote generates a list of every possible ingredient combination, so when it's time to cook, the smart contract can quickly assemble any ramen dish of your choosing!
Step 2:3D Model
Step 2: All our ingredients are first modeled in full 3D, to create the most depth and realism. We apply their exact physical properties, such as an individual vegetable's weight and buoyancy.
Step 3:Simulation
Step 3: With all of the ingredients modelled, we place them into an open-ended dynamic ramen simulation. Everything has physics applied and the simulation runs until everything is settled.
Step 4:Rendering
Step 4: We then capture a single moment of our simulation and render it into a final product, creating the fully customised NFT, exclusively for you!